Bath Salt Vials

Bath Salt Vials

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These bath salt vials are great for your weekend getaway or even just to enjoy a nice bath in the comfort of your own home. The vials come in a variety of colours and scents including our pink clay and hemp, detox and luxury bath salts, all these and more are available in our larger bottles to experience many more amazing baths.

these bath salts make fantastic stocking fillers or are just a great gift for family and friends birthdays. 
to use simply place 1-2 teaspoons of our salt mixture or for these adorable vials tips the whole tube into the bath whilst the water is running. Once your bath is at the desired fullness stir the salts around until it is evenly distributed. Enjoy your bath even more with a beautiful candle a cup of tea and some music, or if you prefer enjoy the peace and quiet whilst the kids do their own thing.


easy to use

smells delightful

available in larger sizes

eco friendly