Chakra Wisdom Oracle Toolkit

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"Each poignant and thought-provoking story

will give you the feeling of a long-lost treasure." Mark Victor Hamen, co-creator of The New York Times best-selling series. Chicken Soup for the Sout

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The full act of Tori Hartman's 49 angelic fables jost for two decades

A 52-weee DIDgramme with five days of activity per week, each requiring minutes not hours Evolmonary exercises, chakra mishits and guided meditations

Tori Hartman is a world-renowned intuitive and spiritual teacher A series of encounters with angels that began 25 years ago, after a near-death experience revealed the profound fables that were to form the basis of the Chakra Wisdom Oracie and brompt Tors lifelong fascination with

colour and its power to transform and heal lives. Tori is based in Los Angeles, California For more information, visit