Hearth & Home Witchcraft

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"Jennie Blendes blend of witchcraft and hygge resonates so deeply with me. In Hearth

and Home Witchcraft, Jennie shares her personal practice as a mean to inspirerader

approach their daily life as magical and spiritual Nourishment and comfort are important

themes here, as is accessibility, you don't need a backgrund in magic to start expiring

hearth-crab lennieh book it a joyful and supportive exploration of domestic whichcra

-Arin Murphy Hiscock, author of The House Wish, The Green Witch, and other book

"Hearth and Home Wickerat is everything I wanted-practical, grounded, and utterly magical For anyone who can't quite figure out hone to be a witch and live in the world, Jennie Blonde uffers a guide to incorporating magic in the everyday, making the simplest of moments meaningful and powerful Nikki Van De Car, author of Practical Magic and The Witchy Home

for author Imanir Blonde, witchcraft is in and of self, comforting. A perfect blend of storytelling, witchcraft, and warmth, Hearth and Home Witchcraft will be accessible to any recipes to nourish yourself, nourish your home, and nourish your spirit. Jennie's wicherah is about connecting with nature, your higher self, and something beyond-ia detty, deities, Spirit,

the universe- and heing comfortable with your true self in all aspects of your life

Hurth and Home Witchcraft explores the following topics

rituals for protection and cleansing the hearth and home

kitchen witchery, creating a kitchen altar, and recipes and rituals for neuridimen

the witch's altar, tools, and spells, and creating a sacred space, no matter the size of the home herbs and plants and grounding rituals and meditations to connect you with

the earth

witchy self-care, complete soth rituals atul recipes for ritual bath salts, oils, balms, and more

An eclectic Pagan witch with a love of hearth and home witchery, Jennie Blonde The Comfy Cey Witch") has been practicing witchcraft for twenty years. She lives in Pennsylvania with two furry familiars, une witchling, and her husband When she's not practicing witchcraft, you'll find her reading, writing, hiking spending time in nature, meslitating, sipping on coffee or tea, or enjoying time with her family.