Period Kits "You've Got This In A Bag"

Period Kits "You've Got This In A Bag"

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Getting your first period can be a little overwhelming, but we think its something that should be celebrated ❤

These packs make the perfect sustainable and eco friendly starter pack for young ones new to their period, or if your wanting to purchase a range of pads for your cycle at a discounted bulk buy price.

The best part is they are zero waste!

Certified organic leak proof outer layer, hypoallergenic, chemical and perfume free, bleach and dioxin free, eco friendly, highly absorbent, economical.

All contained in a washable wet bag is 7 pads in total @ a discounted price!

1 x 2 pack pantyliners

2 x 2 packs small liners

1 x medium liner

All washable so you can use these over and over again. 

Easy to care for by simply rinsing in cold water to remove discharge

Lather and wash with natural soap, Hand or machine wash.

Soak in cold water with stain remover ( 6hrs to overnight)

Dry under the sun or indoors.

We have a range of patterns in store and will select the most popular.