Wax Wraps

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These are a great zero waste option for wrapping and covering food in place of plastic wrap.

Eco friendly, zero waste, sustainable, compostable. 

Reusable for up to 12 months

You can then recoat the wraps in beeswax or vegan wax, or simply throw into the compost bin to biodegrade.

Wash in cold, soapy, water with a sponge and hang to dry. 

Avoid heat, raw meats and seafood whilst using your wraps. 

Choose from:

The starter pack: 1x small, 1x medium & 1x large wrap.

Twin medium pack: 2x medium wraps.

Twin large: 2x large wraps.

Vegan wrap set x 4 wraps 20 x 20cm, 25 x 25cm, 30 x 30cm, 40 x 40cm